About 49ThingstoDo

Why is this site here – on the Internet – for you to see?

The seed was planted a few years ago, when we were planning a trip to Charleston, SC. We’d never really been there before, and we decided to do some research to see where to go and what to do. There was plenty of places online to get reviews of places to see and restaurants to try, and there were also a good number of sites that had out-dated listings of tourist attractions in Charleston – some even with paid listings. It was hard what we wanted – just a solid, well-curated list of places a visitor should see to feel like he or she got to see the real Charleston – the places that made a visitor seem like they have really been to Charleston.

A Site Was Born

Since we couldn’t find what we needed for Charleston, we decided to create a site that had good listings of iconic attractions, restaurants, night-spots, and other places to see in major American cities. We have started with the 21 most-visited cities in the country – we actually haven’t gotten to Charleston yet.

Our listings are created after lots of research: we delve into online reviews to see where the locals think are the best places to go in their respective cities, we contrast and compare other listings to glean the best from each, we travel to the cities and research them ourselves, and we ask experts in each city where they like to take visitors.

Our listings are editor-driven. We did the research so that you don’t have to. We’ve read through the thousands of reviews and followed trails of links to get to the heart of what makes each place special. We update the listing as places come and go and change. In short, we hope you can use the site for planning a great trip.

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If you have any questions or input, please contact us.